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Tourist Map of Jharkhand

Jharkhand is a newly formed state of eastern India; it borders with Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in the west, Bihar in the North, Odisha in the south and Indian state of West Bengal in the east. replique montre replica relojes relogios rolex

It became an independent state in the year 2000, after splitting from Bihar. Ranchi, the capital is a well known industrial and academic city of Jharkhand. replica relojes rolex fake

            More Palces to Visit In Jharkhand
arrow     Ranchi Hills
arrow     Daasam Falls
arrow     Sun Temple
arrow     Baidyanath Dham
arrow     Netarhat
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            Historical Palces In Bihar
Archaeological Museum (Gwalior)
Archaeological Museum (Sanchi)
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Central Museum (Indore)
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How to Reach Jharkhand

The state of Jharkhand is one of the youngest ones in India. Earlier most of the state was part of the state of Bihar. The state capital Ranchi previously was the summer capital of Bihar. Although very young, Jharkhand is not hard to access. A number of industrial hubs are strategically located within Jharkhand and are served by strong communication network.
How to Reach hariyanahelps you with information to reach the state with convenience.

By Air :

Jharkhand has a domestic airport in Ranchi, which is connected by regular flights with Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai & New Delhi.

By Train :

The main Railway Station in Jharkhand is also located in Ranchi. South Eastern Railways connect it to other major cities like Patna , Rourkela by regular trains. Another important railway station is in Hazaribagh.

By Road :

Ranchi is located at the junction of National Highways 23 and 33. Extensive road network is under construction to facilitate road transport in the area and make Jharkhand easily accessible from any corner of the country.

Shopping in Jharkhand

Shopping in Jharkhand mainly consists of tribal handicrafts. The population of Jharkhand is dominated by several groups of tribes who have developed over ages a rich tradition of arts and crafts.

The expert hands of the artisans of Jharkhand work out exquisite variety of handicrafts. Until the government of the new state focused its attention, some traditional handicrafts were pushed to the verge of extinction due to lack of promotion and conservation. You may be still lucky enough to grab an item or two of rare Paitkar Paintings or Stone carving while shopping in Jharkhand.

For shopping in Jharkhand, you would have check out at the private shops and local markets. Government Emporia are yet to make it big in the newborn state. Street-side vendors often offer great variety and good bargain.

bihar map
Bihar Map

Best Hotels In Jharkhand

Deoghar Hotels
Dhanbad Hotels
Hotels in Jharkhand

arrow     Bokaro Hotels
arrow     Deoghar Hotels
arrow     Dhanbad Hotels

arrow     Jamshedpur Hotels
arrow     Kumardhubi Hotels
arrow     Ranchi Hotels

arrow     Panipat Hotels
arrow     Rewari Hotels
arrow     Yamuna Nagar Hotels

Temples in Jharkhand

            Baidyanath Temple

Baidyanath temple is located in Deoghar in Jharkhand. This Baidyanath temple has one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. Baidyanath temple is a great worshipping place for Lord Shiva devotees.

The Baidyanath temple is constructed on a single rock that constitute almost all gods and goddesses. From almost all over the country people visit this Baidyanath temple during rainy season called as “Sawan” to water the divine Shiva ling.

bihar map

            Jagannathpur Temple

Jagannathpur Temple is one of the popular temple in Jharkhand located in Ranchi. This Jagannath pur Temple is quite similar to Puri Jagannath Temple with miniature version to Puri temple. The famous Rath Yatra in Jharkhand temple is celebrated at the same time of Puri temple.

bihar map

            Sun Temple

The Sun temple in Jharkhand state is located about 39 kilometers away from Ranchi. The famous Jharkhand Sun temple is constructed in the shape of huge chariot dragged by seven life-size horses with 18 wheels. There is a pond in the sun temple which serves as a sacred place for Chhathavratis.

bihar map


Madhuban in Jharkhand state is a popular Jain pilgrim center. Madhuban is located in Giridih District at Jharkhand. Madhuban is famous for its ancient attractive temples of more than 2,000 years. The two Jain temples of Samosharan and Bhomiyaji Asthan are the landmarks of Madhuban.

bihar map

The presence of various localities in the region makes Jharkhand cuisines a vivid experience. The Jharkhandi cuisine is traditional and combination of various locality in Jharkhand Region. Most of the Dishes of Jharkhand are traditional and some are adopted from mixed culture of adjoining areas. Every season – mainly winter, summer and rain – coming in the region brings a range of Food with itself. However, the Famous cuisines of Jharkhand, used in all the seasons are Rice, Roti, Daal, Tarkari and sweets, and much more.

bihar map



The making involves the use of ranu tablets, which is essentially a combination of about 20-25 herbs and acts as a fermentor.[1] The ranu tablets are then mixed with boiled rice and left to ferment. The drink is generally ready within a week. It is served cool and has lower alcoholic strength than other Indian country liquors.


Packed with goodness, the once humble rugra — a variety of button mushrooms — is now much sought after by homemakers and chefs alike as a healthy alternative to animal protein. And the fact that there has been a bumper harvest this year has only increased its popularity and people are willing to pay the price. A kilo of the produce is selling for Rs 180 to Rs 200 in the cities.


Mushroom cultivation is rapidly emerging as a viable means of earning a livelihood by the youth of Jharkhand who have traditionally provided the largest number of recruits to militant groups in the state. Take Budmu, 25 km from the state capital Ranchi, for instance. The two-dozen-odd families here have been branded 'extremists' by local law-enforcement authorities; seven people have been arrested on serious charges over the past two years. Now, mushrooms are the flavour of the season among the youth here.

Historical Places In Jharkhand

Agam Kuan, Agam Kuan historical, Agam Kuan travel, Agam Kuan tourism, Agam Kuan Historical Place, travel to Agam Kuan Hundru Fall

Hundru fall is one of the most beautiful falls in Ranchi. The place has got perfect scenic beauty. This place is not exactly situated in Ranchi but is just 45 km away from the city. It is one of the most famous picnic spots in Ranchi and is visited by the tourists and local people as well

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, Ranchi is a hotel located in the capital city of Jharkhand. It is considered to be the first luxury hotel of Ranchi. The Capitol Hill, Ranchi stands as a harmonious blend of the modern fashion and tradition. The hotel is located near the city center, which is regarded as the commercial hub of Ranchi

Buddha Stupa, Buddha Stupa historical, Buddha Stupa travel, Buddha Stupa tourism, Buddha Stupa Historical Place, travel
Coronation Tank, Coronation Tank historical, Coronation Tank travel, Coronation Tank tourism, Coronation Tank Historical Jagannathpur Temple

Jagannathpur Temple is located in the capital city of Ranchi in Jharkhand. Jagannathpur Temple is one of the major tourist attractions at Ranchi, apart from being its famous pilgrimage center.

Rajarappa Mandir

Here goddess Kali is also known as Prachanda Chandi. There is a waterfall at Rajarappa in Ranchi, which is located at a distance of 48 km from Hazaribagh and 43 km from the city center of Ranchi. Rajarappa Mandir at Ranchi is placed over the National Highway number 33, midway between the towns of Ranchi and Hazaribagh. Apart from the temple of Chinnamasta, at Rajarappa there are also temples of deities like Dakshin Kali and Astamatrika.

Fort Vishal, Fort Vishal historical, Fort Vishal travel, Fort Vishal tourism, Fort Vishal Historical Place, travel to Fort
Golghar, Golghar historical, Golghar travel, Golghar tourism, Golghar Historical Place, travel to Golghar Monument

Rock Garden in Ranchi

The famous Rock Garden in Ranchi is located at a distance of around 4 kilometers from the Albert Akka Chowk. The Ranchi Rock Garden stands second in importance and fame after the garden of Jaipur. The Rock Garden in Ranchi was built out of the rocks of the Gonda Hill. There is a jhula made of iron rod with two edges in this rock garden located in the capital city of Jharkhand. The varied forms of sculptures and waterfalls add to the beauty of this place.

Nakshatra Van

Nakshatra van is beautifully constructed. This place is divided into different sections. Nakshatra van is situated within the city. In this particular park plants and trees depicting different zodiac signs are planted in different sections.

Khuda Baksh Library, Khuda Baksh Library historical, Khuda Baksh Library travel, Khuda Baksh Library tourism
Lauria Nandangarh, Lauria Nandangarh historical, Lauria Nandangarh travel, Lauria Nandangarh tourism, Lauria Nandangarh

Morhabadi hills

This hill is also famously known as the Tagore Hill. This is one of the most visited tourist spot. One, who visits the city of Ranchi, must visit this place. The name given to this hill as Tagore hill is because of its connections with the Tagore family.

Sun temple

This place is also not located in Ranchi, but almost 40 km away from the city. The temple is most crowded during the chatta puja when devotees come here to take bath in the pond and take the blessings of Sun god. The architecture of this temple is magnificently beautiful.

Martyrs's Memorial, Martyrs's Memorial historical, Martyrs's Memorial travel, Martyrs's Memorial tourism, Martyrs's
Munger Fort, Munger Fort historical, Munger Fort travel, Munger Fort tourism, Munger Fort Historical Place, travel

Jonha Fall

This fall is situated 40 km away from the city area. Kanchi River lies very close to this place. There is also a tourist rest house at this fall, and there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Buddha. This place is well connected to roadways as well as railways, so it is very convenient to reach this place.

Bokaro Steel City

This city is one of the most famous and important major industrial city in Jharkhand. This city is financially very stable. It is the home for many steel industry companies. The visitors who visit the city are mainly here for the purpose of business. This place is situated 117 Km away from Ranchi.

Raj Mahal, Raj Mahal historical, Raj Mahal travel, Raj Mahal tourism, Raj Mahal Historical Place, travel to Raj Mahal

More Information About Bihar

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