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Tourist Map of Assam

Assam, a northeastern state of India has Dispur as its capital. It is divided into 27 districts and consists of northern Brahmaputra valley, the middle Karbi and Cachar hills and the southern Barak Valley. Assam is a multi-etnic society. Forty Five different languages are spoken by various communities of Assam.The flora, fauna, wildlife and rivers of Assam have great natural beauty to offer to tourists. There are also many lodging facilities and hotels. It is also famous for its finest and some of the most expensive teas in the world.

            More Palces to Visit In Assam
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arrow     Manas National Park
arrow     Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
arrow     Kaziranga National Park
arrow     Kamakhya Temple
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How to Reach Assam

Assam is the gateway of northeast region in India, so necessity for improved transportation in the state is essential for future expansion in the Northeast region. Assam is well linked with the rest of the country by air, rail and road network.
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By Air :

The North Eastern Railway zone of the Indian Railways connects the largest city of Assam, Guwahati and the rest of the country together. Guwahati is the railway headquarters of the northeast region. Travelers can reach conveniently to Assam via rail as it is well connected to all major cities of India. Some cities within the state are linked up through train services from Guwahati.

By Train :

The main Railway Station in Jharkhand is also located in Ranchi. South Eastern Railways connect it to other major cities like Patna , Rourkela by regular trains. Another important railway station is in Hazaribagh. Replica Watches

By Road :

Being the gateway of Northeast India, Assam has a well connected network of national highways and other roads to different cities and towns in and around the state. The National Highway Number 37, 31, 40, 38 and 52 connects Assam with other states in India. The State Transport and other private operators run daily bus services for commuters. Taxis and jeeps can also be hired for commuting within the state.

Shopping in Assam

Since the state is traditionally rich in handicrafts, shopping in Assam is a delightful experience. Wide range of handicrafts is available in Assam. Assam also excels in tradition handloom products. Assam is well known producer of exclusive silks.

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Hand made toys made from clay, cork (pith), wood and bamboo and an admixture of cloth and mud
Silk fabric of various types like - Muga (the golden silk exclusive only to this state), Paat, Eri
Handloom products like Laichampi (quilt-like material)
Cane and bamboo work
Decorative items in bell metal and brass
Furniture made of bamboo and cane
Tribal arts, including masks bhaonas
Products of bell metal
Assam Tea

bihar map
Bihar Map

Best Hotels In Assam

Guwahati Hotels
Tezpur Hotels
Hotels in Assam

arrow     Dibrugarh Hotels
arrow     Guwahati Hotels
arrow     Jorhat Hotels

arrow     Kaziranga Hotels
arrow     Silchar Hotels
arrow     Tezpur Hotels

arrow      Tinsukia Hotels
arrow     Rewari Hotels
arrow     Yamuna Nagar Hotels

Temples in Assam

            Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple is one of the very popular temple of India. The temple of Kamakhya is situated on the hills of Neelachala Parvat near Guwahati in the north eastern state of Assam. The Neelachala Parvat is also known as the Kamagiri hill and thus the goddess residing on this hill is known as the Kamakhya. She is known to grant the wishes of her devotees. The traditional name of Assam had been Kamarupa and this region is known for worship of Shakti.

bihar map

            Nabagraha Temple

Assam is a north eastern state of India. Besides the scenic beauty of the hilly region and the lush green landscape, there are a number of tourist destinations in the state. The temples in Assam are occasionally visited by the devotees. These temples in Assam are also important as tourist spots. Nabagraha Temple is a popular temple in Assam. Among the temples in India, the Nabagraha Temple is an important one, as it is associated with the ancient studies in India.

bihar map

            Umananda Temple

The Umananda Temple is built in Guwahati in 1594, by the Ahom King of Assam. Among the temples in Assam, this temple is one of the mostly visited one. The devotees as well as the tourists coming to Assam, takes a visit to this temple. Umananda Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. Umananda Temple is built on a riverine island called Peacock island. It is an island of River Brahmaputra. To reach the temple, one has to cross the river in a boat. These boat service is available from the Kachari ghat.

bihar map


Lankeshwar Temple

bihar map

The food habit of a region reflects its culture and traditions to quite an extent. The same holds true for the cuisine of Assam as well, which has its own style and pattern, quite distinct from the rest of the country as well as the other northeastern states. The traditional food of Assam comes across as a blend of many exotic spices, herbs and condiments. Oil is used in small volumes and there is a strong influence from the cuisine of certain Southeast Asian countries as well.

bihar map

Rice Items

The staple food of Assam is rice, which is consumed in a variety of ways. Whether taken as steamed rice, poita (cooked rice soaked overnight) garnished with mustard oil and onions or Komal Saul (soaked with milk), rice is used in the everyday meal of the native people. During special occasions like Bihu, a special type of rice preparation called Pithas is made. The different varieties of Pithas include Ghila pitha, Til pitha, Sunga pitha, Tekeli pitha, Bhapotdiya pitha, Tora pitha, Kholasapori pitha & Xutuli pitha.

Vegetarian Items

Served in bell metal utensils called Kahor Thal, a typical Assamese meal comprises of steamed rice, taken with Khar anja (a dish made of raw papaya), a variety of Pitikas (mashed potatoes, brinjal or tomatoes), Tenga - a type of sour curry (which may be fish tenga or simple vegetable tengas) along with kahudi, kharoli and khorisa (bamboo shoots).

Non- Vegetarian Items

Among the non vegetarian items that form a part of the Assamese cuisine, the favorites are chicken, pigeon, duck and fish - the most popular varieties being Rohu, Hilsa, Puthi and Chital. Hukoti, a dish made of small dried fish, is also a hot favorite among the native people of Assam. Pork and beef dishes are favorites among some tribes in Assam. The mainstream Assamese Hindus usually do not take beef or pork.

Historical Places In Assam

Agam Kuan, Agam Kuan historical, Agam Kuan travel, Agam Kuan tourism, Agam Kuan Historical Place, travel to Agam Kuan Rang Ghar

Rang Ghar is a double storied oval shaped pavilion, Considered the first amphitheatre of Asia having tiers of seats rising gradually.

Poa Mecca

Poa Mecca is a holy place of worship for the Muslim community. This is shrine of Pir Giasuddin Aulia, which was build by Sujauddin Mohammed Shah.

Buddha Stupa, Buddha Stupa historical, Buddha Stupa travel, Buddha Stupa tourism, Buddha Stupa Historical Place, travel
Coronation Tank, Coronation Tank historical, Coronation Tank travel, Coronation Tank tourism, Coronation Tank Historical Ladaigarh

Ladaigarh was constructed by a Ruler Pratap Singh to protect its town from the attack of neighboring kingdoms.

War Cemetery

The most dramatic event in Digboi's history took place during the World War II days when the belligerent Japanese got closer and were within three days marching distance of Digboi.

Fort Vishal, Fort Vishal historical, Fort Vishal travel, Fort Vishal tourism, Fort Vishal Historical Place, travel to Fort
Golghar, Golghar historical, Golghar travel, Golghar tourism, Golghar Historical Place, travel to Golghar Monument

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park has been declared a World Heritage Site. The park is spread over 430 sq. kms and you will find various wild species such as tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, Indian bison, sambar, deer and many more. If you love birds, you need to be here during winter as migratory birds are seen in great numbers. You could go round the park in a jeep or car. If you fancy elephant ride, you are most welcome. The nearest cities from Kaziranga National Park are Jorhat and Tezpur.

Agnigarh Hill

Agnigarh hill is situated in Tezpur in Assam. As per Hindu mythology, a fortress was built here by King Banasura with a view to isolate his daughter Usha. The legend further goes to say that the place derived the name owing to the fire that surrounded the fortress always to avoid movement in and out of the place. The word Agni means fire.

Khuda Baksh Library, Khuda Baksh Library historical, Khuda Baksh Library travel, Khuda Baksh Library tourism
Lauria Nandangarh, Lauria Nandangarh historical, Lauria Nandangarh travel, Lauria Nandangarh tourism, Lauria Nandangarh

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple is located on Nilachal Hill, Guwahati top at an altitude of 800 feet above sea level. River Brahmaputra flows on the northern side of the hill. The temple is over 2200 years old. Apart from its rich cultural heritage, Kamakhya is beauty personified. It offers a stunning view of rivers and hills. Whatever faith one follows in life, being at this location would make one experience divinity.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Dibru Saikhowa National Park is situated in Tinsukia in Assam. It owns the credit of being one among the major biodiversity hotspots of the world and one among the largest parks in Assam. The park is a blend of deciduous forests, semi-evergreen forests and swamp surface making it bio-diverse. You will find many rare wildlife species here and feral horses are one of the most famous species seen here.

Martyrs's Memorial, Martyrs's Memorial historical, Martyrs's Memorial travel, Martyrs's Memorial tourism, Martyrs's
Munger Fort, Munger Fort historical, Munger Fort travel, Munger Fort tourism, Munger Fort Historical Place, travel

Orang National Park

The park is situated on the northern banks of the river Brahmaputra. It is the only National Park in the country, which was created naturally. The tribes who lived there had abandoned area. Some of the animals found here include royal Bengal tiger, one horned rhinoceros, leopard, elephant and many more. The place offers great delight to bird watchers as one could find various local birds and migratory birds here.

Haflong Lake

Haflong Lake is situated at the centre of Haflong hill town, which is famously called the ‘Switzerland of the East’. The picturesque landscape with blue hills, large and beautiful lakes, enthralling streams, waterfalls and abundance of pineapple trees and orange trees earns the title for Haflong town. Haflong Lake is one among the two lakes of the town.

Raj Mahal, Raj Mahal historical, Raj Mahal travel, Raj Mahal tourism, Raj Mahal Historical Place, travel to Raj Mahal

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